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Welcome to Insight Praxis

Our main service is giving counseling sessions for individual, couples, families and any other group or people. Counseling is based on clinical psychology, and especially based on Process Work, one of the modality in this field. In a process oriented, and holistic view point, we see problem or symptom are not merely bad, but within them, there's some clue to the solution and try to follow and unfold the meaning.

Who is Ken Matsumura

アンダーザライト写真プロフ.jpegKen is certified Clinical Psychologist from JSCCP( Japan Society of Certified Clinical Psychologists). He's opening private practice office since 2009. He's also been working as a school psychologist in many schools for several years, working as a university counselor, and working as a counselor in public education center in Tokyo. He's experienced in working with children, parents, families, and any other people and situation.
Ken is also long time yoga teacher and meditator, and teaching yoga in yoga studio in Tokyo such as Under the Light Yoga School. He's interested in holistic approach to any kind of problem.
He's finished 4 year-long intense program in  Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon USA and became certified Process Worker. MA Process Work and Diploma.

Our service and price

Couseling session for Individual
50 minutes 13,000 yen

Couseling session for couple, and family
60 minutes 18,000yen


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